Strategic Planning Decision Support

To succeed in today’s uncertain economic environment, public and private sector leaders must identify and communicate their vision, mission, and objectives; establish business strategies to accomplish their objectives; and develop metrics to measure performance.

VerpraTech provides management services to support development and implementation of strategic plans, including strategies, resource allocation, and performance measures to increase performance.

VerpraTech’s Offerings

Business Process Analysis and Improvement

VerpraTech offers business process analysis and improvement using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma methodologies. We help customers develop and understand their value chain; comprehend the links among speed, quality, and cost for the products and services they produce; understand and improve process workflow and reduce variation; implement data-driven decision making; and effectively integrate people and teams to deliver tangible results.

Change Management

VerpraTech’s goal-oriented approach provides change management teams with compelling decision logic that demonstrates the added value change will bring. This helps organizations understand and attain a balanced mix of capabilities that achieve specific business results coupled with effective communication planning to address the people dimension of organizational change management. We recognize that sustaining success depends on an organization’s ability to adapt to a changing environment–whether it is an external change, such as a transformative technology or a changing economy, or an internal change, such as a restructuring or key process overhaul. It is vital for an organization to gain its employees’ acceptance of change.

Enterprise Architecture Development

With its information technology partners, VerpraTech combines business process reengineering methods and state-of-the-market technology solutions to design enterprise business process flows and integrated applications supported by effective information technology infrastructures.

Meeting and Event Planning

VerpraTech offers planning, design, and staging of audio-visual components for large audiences. We plan events that provide workshop settings for real-time analysis and improvement of business processes.

Policy Review

VerpraTech offers expertise and assistance in review of existing and developing policies and procedures. We develop strategies and policy recommendations to maintain statutory and regulatory compliance, assess programs and initiatives for policy compliance, and help the customer look ahead by analyzing the impacts of pending legislation. VerpraTech recognizes that statutory, regulatory, policy, organizational, and management considerations significantly affect business decisions.

Privatization and Partnership Initiatives

VerpraTech possesses the professional expertise and experience to provide the critical analysis necessary to plan, develop, and oversee large scale real estate projects. Our subject matter experts have extensive knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience in all facets of residential and commercial real estate development and property management. VerpraTech provides advice and assistance to decision makers that result in family housing, temporary lodging, and unaccompanied personnel housing that meets the needs of military personnel and their families.

Strategic and Business Plan Development

VerpraTech staff offers experience in development and review of organizational, corporate and business unit strategic plans, information technology strategic plans, information assurance policies and procedures, and personnel management strategies; accommodation of requirements arising from federal laws, regulations, and statutes; and implementation of E-Government policies.

Strategic Communications

VerpraTech provides customers with market research and analysis to identify issues, audiences, and messages; strategic and marketing plan development, including website, video, and print product design, development, and production; and development of training curricula and materials. Additionally, we offer complete meeting and event planning and coordination, including the design and production of exhibits.