Big Data Analytics

With increases in size, complexity, velocity, and data access, the need for database design, management and analytics is stronger than ever.

Database Design, Management and Analytics empowers managers and decision makers to arrive at accurate and timely decisions that can transform their organization and its strategic goals. VerpraTech’s qualitative and quantitative techniques in database design, management and analytics enhance productivity, improve processes, and lower cost.

VerpraTech’s Offerings

Advanced Logistics Analytics

VerpraTech offers high-performance logistics analysis with an experienced view of the management context and decision support requirements. Our functional and multifunctional dominance, combined with advanced data access techniques and state-of-the-market tools, provide for unsurpassed information fusion and analysis of policy, procedure, and compliance implications.

Business Analytics

VerpraTech offers customers our experience in capturing data from multiple, disparate legacy systems and aggregating into a coherent operating picture; analyzing data to identify inconsistencies, choke points in workflows, or emerging problems; and presenting data in the form of dashboards and reports for managers and leaders.
We help customers use data, descriptive and predictive models, and optimization techniques to understand the dynamics of their organization, speed workflow, and improve decision making over time.

Business Case Development

VerpraTech offers business case development and independent cost estimates for materiel and information systems, force structure, and personnel requirements. We employ a wide range of cost estimating techniques, relationships, and historical cost factor databases for economic analyses comparing alternatives.

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

VerpraTech ’s innovative Business Intelligence (BI) services transform your data and information into actionable knowledge, providing a solid foundation for fact-based decisions. Our wide range of solutions and services include data warehouse design and development, BI tool selection and implementation, and Knowledge Management (KM) related consulting.

Data Management

VerpraTech ’s data management experts help customers identify, collect, transport, and leverage data for mission success. We recognize that effective data management enables better decisions, regulatory compliance, policy management and training, and increases the bottom line return on investment. Our holistic approach to data management supports continuous process improvement as we help customers optimize investment and operating costs while balancing mission readiness and effectiveness.

Data Warehousing

VerpraTech offers warehousing solutions that include blueprinting, requirements definition, data design, database architecture, metadata management, and repository creation to ensure a consistent, well-managed, and well-integrated data warehouse infrastructure. These solutions are designed to help our customers generate mission and business value. Our experts operate and support warehousing activities on commercial (.com), civilian (.gov), and military (.mil) networks. We use vendor-neutral data warehousing tools to provide a full spectrum of support.

Health Analytics

With leading cost optimization techniques, efficiency procedures, data exploration, and modeling capabilities, VerpraTech analyzes, models, and develops efficient, well-planned, and proactive fiscal solutions for decision makers, policy developers, and financial managers in the healthcare arena. VerpraTech helps our customers address their challenges and provides cost-benefit analyses, econometric modeling, statistical analyses, and decision support.

Performance Management and Measurement

VerpraTech provides services to develop performance management systems for organizations desiring to achieve their strategy and objectives by measuring performance outcomes and tracing performance results. VerpraTech provides training and technical assistance to develop performance metrics aligned with organizational goals and objectives. We help develop supporting information systems that report, display, and analyze performance information